Ansted Outdoors
Ansted Outdoors


I see this is a church ministry. Do I have to believe what you believe?

Not at all. This group is open to all who want to be a part of it, regardless of belief. However, please understand that at times we will be discussing God and Jesus. Also, we ask that you please respect our beliefs.

Will I be preached at?

No. We come together as a group of outdoorsmen to learn and bond around our common interest. We will do brief devotions and we will pray, but we will not preach at you.

Can Christians really like guns and killing things?

Yes. Yes we can.

Is this group just for men?

No, women are welcome to be a part of our group as well. All that is required is a love of the outdoors.

What is this group about?

We are about local sportsmen getting together for a good time, providing educational opportunities, enjoying the outdoors, and working with youth to build our next generation of sportsman, in a Christian environment.

Where can I find out more about Jesus?

For starters, you can look right here. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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